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This website offers the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter in email format. Cookies are used to keep track of those who have signed up to receive the newsletter. They are also used to select different audiences to send specific messages to. The site offers e-commerce or payment options and cookies are necessary to ensure that the transaction process is carried out properly. We often offer surveys and questionnaires to provide our audience with news, useful tools and to understand our target audience better. These surveys may use cookies to remember which users have already completed them. When data is submitted via the contact form or comments section, cookies may remember user information, such as usernames, for further communication. To improve the user experience, this page offers settings that determine how the page works. In order to remember these settings, the page requires cookies, which are activated each time the page is opened.



Cookies provided by trusted third parties are used in specific cases. This website uses Google Analytics, one of the most widely used and trusted analytics solutions. It helps us understand audience behaviour on the website and improve the user experience. Its cookies can keep track of the actions taken on the page, the time spent using certain parts of the page to be able to improve the quality and relevance of the content. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics page. From time to time, new features are tested to adapt the website. While features are being tested, cookies may be used to ensure a consistent user experience while providing data on which optimisation processes users value most. In some cases, it may be possible to offer certain content to a specific audience based on actions taken in relation to social networking accounts. These types of cookies allow us to provide audiences with content that is likely to be relevant. Social network buttons or icons are used to connect social networks to the website. Linking social networks in this way can ensure more relevant content is delivered and the website is easier to use.


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To summarise the information given on the operation of cookies, it is recommended that they are allowed and not disabled, as they can have a significant impact on the operation of the website. If you require further information, please contact us using the contact form.

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