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By building content around your customers’ interests, you can get better traffic and improved conversions. But first, you need to identify exactly what is your audience is looking for, and that means you need effective keyword research from Oxyimedia. Our keyword research collects your competition/industry keyword ranking data along with your own domain’s keyword ranking data. It then factors that against a keyword’s average monthly search volume, difficulty to rank, and cost per click bid. The result? You get the inside scoop on the keywords that maintain customers coming back for more.


For good or bad, what’s going on behind the scenes of your website is affecting your rankings. That’s why our SEO specialists dig deeper. We put your site’s overall technical SEO structures under a microscope, optimizing not only for the current SEO strategy but also long term success. This includes running a site audit to determine ways to improve the technical SEO of a site and to ensure that everything’s performing the way it should be to get you the best possible results.


In this day of incredible digital visibility, sometimes actually the smallest mistakes (or misconceptions) can have a significant negative impact on a brand’s reputation. Oxyimedia has the instruments and the talent to assure that your story is delivered in an amazing and creative approach. By managing brand search engine results and creating positive, high-quality content for your business, we can help your company outshine the negative press.

Backlinks have always been one of the strongest ranking aspects of SEO. A link pointing to your site from another site can greatly impact where that pages or your site ranks in the search results, with the best links being from sites that are in the same space or niche as you that have a higher Domain Authority. When a site like that chooses to link to a piece of your content, it’s sending a signal to Google that your content is worth being recommended. We build and execute a thorough backlink acquisition strategy to ensure that your pages rank well for their targeted keywords.