Usability metrics will matter more in 2022

Google is prioritizing website performance that creates the finest user experience, evidenced by their 2021 Page Experience update. They’ve displayed they’re not afraid to punish sites that don’t meet the certain speed and UI/UX metrics, or those with insufficient accessibility. One way or another, almost everything having to do with on-page search engine optimization involves UX and UI. You can have the best content in the world, but if users can’t ingest it because of a poor web experience, it just doesn’t matter. What site capabilities should you prioritize for SEO in 2022?
Site Speed: If your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load, you can lose 40% of your traffic. Site speed is an important part of any good web experience, and the correct UI design elements and technical SEO can keep it quick.
Accessibility: The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guideline) is an internationally identified set of guidelines for digital accessibility that are managed by the W3C, the international web standards group. Broken down into sentience, operability, understandability, and robustness, your website organization and usage must be accessible to all users.
Mobile readiness: The majority of users access Google search from a mobile device. As a result, Google now uses mobile-first indexing when indexing and ranking a page. This means it’s essential to check your site loads correctly on mobile and is easy for mobile users to read and navigate. Mobile-friendliness is part of many of these 2022 SEO trends.       
Interstitial Experience: Interstitials (like pop-ups, ads, etc.) must not decrease the accessibility of the webpage or appear in any intrusive manner. Especially when using mobile devices. I’ve seen these popups be increasingly punished by Google.

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